Welcome to our new blog

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We are super excited (and a bit proud) to introduce you to our new website and blog. Welcome to our blog!

We hope that it will allow you to learn more about Wazo and provide a better understanding of our solution for service providers, operators, and enterprises. Our goal is to help you to discover everything you can build using our products. Either to improve user experience, to enhance collaboration or to increase your productivity.

But first, let’s introduce ourselves.

Why Wazo ?

We started Wazo in 2017 with a strong desire to change the way we build, design and operate communication solutions.

We identified different pain points on the market that we saw as an innovation blocker. Having to choose between legacy software that does not promote interoperability and Cloud “As A Service” offerings that capture all the value, is not a fair choice. Another alternative seemed possible and we wanted to build it. 

We aim to offer more openness, more flexibility, and more control to help our customers create next-generation communication solutions. We wanted to simplify interactions between people within their company and with their suppliers and partners.

Also, one important point for us was to allow people to manage their communication services like any other application of their stack. Being able to deploy it the infrastructure of their choice and make it infinitely scalable. We adopted Cloud-Native principles which were and are still not an industry standard. Working on it!

Using the latest Web technology, we want to help web developers easily leverage communication features. Allowing them to design great products and tailor-made customer experience. So we adopted the programmable approach, making our products fully API-Centric.

And last, but not least, coming from an open-source background, we envision no other option than building everything the open-source way. Open source values are the main pillars of our team and corporate DNA, based on sharing, collaborating, and innovating. 

What are we building ?

Embracing an open-source development philosophy, we first created our community project, Wazo Platform. Our ambition is to offer to any organization a common framework to design communication solutions. We are today delighted by the support we get from our community and hope to do more in the future with and for them.

Then, we had tons of discussions with service providers, operators, and enterprises that wanted to use our technology in their production environment with our support and expertise. They shared their business challenges and the current limits they were facing with existing solutions. And so, we designed a product addressing their specific needs.

Enterprise Unified Communication is our turn-key solution designed to help service providers and operators leverage the UCaaS opportunity. It includes a full suite of applications addressing mobility, collaboration, and remote work needs. It also encompasses productivity tools to decrease your TCO and improve your margins.

And as you know our solutions are open and hybrid. Meaning we are transparent. We love to collaborate on our code. You can deploy everything behind your firewall. And, at the end of the day, you keep full control of your business and stack.

Welcome to our blog!

We know that communication and especially programmable communication is a vast and completely new topic. We wish to give you a better understanding of how to leverage it. How to quickly generate amazing business value for you and your users. Help you create unique user experiences. Support your differentiation strategy. And a lot more.

Thus, we have designed that blog to share with you :

  • News about our company and industry
  • Information about our products and ecosystem
  • Real-life use-cases and demonstration
  • Some fun, because communication is fun, especially when programmable 🙂

And because you don’t believe us that programmable communication can be fun, here is the first video to prove it. Our dangerous demo is available at 44min.

We hope you will enjoy it!

Kamailio World 2019 – Dangerous Demos (Wazo demonstration – 44min)

Welcome to our blog! Stay tuned for our news!

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