The Freedom of Open Source

Openness, freedom, mutual aid, sharing, and universality define our open source platform. 

Why an Open Source Platform?

Thanks to our open source platform, you will have the freedom to test the software at your own pace, try different usage scenarios, and be able to modify or contribute to a product you love. There are many advantages of using open source software, including: 


What you see is what you get. You have full access to the code and can audit it depending on your needs.


Open-source visibility allows for extensive community testing, enhancing platform security.

Open Standards

We follow best practices and open standards to make it easy to integrate and contribute.


Community testing ensures compatibility with a wide range of third-party devices and systems from their own environments.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Our open APIs and integrations allow partners and end customers to integrate Wazo in tools that best fit their specific needs.

Wazo Platform: Open Source Platform and Community

Embracing FOSS Values for Revolutionary Communication Solutions Wazo Platform, at the heart of our innovation, is a unique, open-source, multi-tenant UC platform that is accessible to all and offers an extended and well-documented API. It gives everyone the opportunity to deploy quality communications infrastructure software.

Here's what Wazo Platform offers:

Advanced Communication Protocols for robust, flexible communications.

A versatile chat protocol.

Cutting-edge technologies with multi-tenant capabilities and a web interface for configuration.

Built with developers in mind, Wazo Platform is the ideal starting point for crafting a custom telephony system or UCaaS offering from scratch. It uses exclusively open-source components to ensure superior voice, video, and chat interactions. Since its creation in 2017 by Wazo Communication Inc., this project has been at the forefront of our product line, supported by a vibrant community.

Wazo Enterprise: When Time-To-Market Matters

Accelerate and Secure Your Market Presence with Wazo Enterprise

Wazo Enterprise is our premium, white-labeled solution, built on Wazo Platform. Tailored for MSPs and the telecom industry, it delivers a business-ready, off-the-shelf solution to meet your market needs.

Here’s what Wazo Enterprise offers:

  • A business-focused management interface streamlined for efficiency, from the initial deployment to the management of your customers.
  • Fully integrated softphones and mobile apps with extended IP Phone support.
  • Unmatched support with expert-level assistance and professional services.
  • A rich API you can use to create custom integrations that address your customers’ specific needs on top of our off-the-shelf feature set.
Years of refining business needs have culminated in Wazo Enterprise—a solution for companies aspiring to launch a top-tier UCaaS offer swiftly, without the heavy investment of building from scratch.

Deciding the Best Fit for Your Needs

When considering Wazo’s offerings, ask yourself: Are you prepared to invest significant time and resources in developing a UCaaS solution using Wazo Platform?

Or would you prefer a more streamlined, ready-to-deploy solution? While Wazo Platform is ideal for those who wish to build and customize extensively, Wazo Enterprise helps MSPs save time and resources with a quick, reliable, and comprehensive UCaaS solution that accelerates your time to market readiness.

Our approach ensures that whether you’re a developer looking for a robust building block or a business seeking an out-of-the-box solution, Wazo has the right fit for your needs.

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