Why programmable communication matters?

The success of Wazo‘s mission revolves around three main pillars: an open, hybrid and programmable approach. Let’s find out here what Programmable means for Wazo and the benefits you can expect.

A programmable solution? 

The world evolves and the developers’ impact with 😉 

Developers are the designers, architects, and workers of the digital transformation. They allow many industries to completely reinvent themselves in order to adapt to the current uses. Therefore, in order to promote the transformation of communications, we must be given them the tools to revolutionize this sector.  

So what does programmable means for Wazo? 

Our solutions are API-Centric and fully controllable via Rest API. We are not talking about a few APIs on the fringe but about a global vision of our solutions centered on this programmable aspect. All the communication and management functionalities exposed are 100% controllable through API Rest. 

Within our Enterprise Unified Communication solution, we provide developers with all the tools they need to create innovative communication services. Thus, they have access to standardized web APIs, event-driven management mechanisms (WebHook & WebSocket), and SDKs. 

This allows developers to freely design unique communication solutions and experiences in a language they are familiar with. The programmable approach of our solutions aims to abstract all the inherent telecommunications complexity to expose only the essential functionalities to develop users’ services. 

So, what does it bring to my business? 

Our solutions have more than 450 APIs. By exhibiting these APIs, we bring you the following benefits: 

  • Innovation: The days when vendors dictated how to address a use case are over for us. It is no longer conceivable that you have to adapt your needs to the functionalities offered by a software. Through our APIs, we provide you with all the flexibility you need to innovate and freely imagine the products and use cases that meet your needs.  
  • Agility: The high innovation potential mentioned above is closely linked to the agility induced by the programmable capabilities of the solution. You can quickly get the first increments of your solution by implementing our SDK and APIs in your software. This allows you to accelerate the delivery of your solutions while controlling the investment associated with your first implementation. 
  • Scalability: By combining agility and programmability, our solutions provide you with all the necessary building blocks to adapt and evolve your uses over time. It brings an immense richness and scalability that you are free to implement. Thus, you can deploy multimedia services (Voice, Video & Chat) on different channels whenever you want and enrich them with third party services (Speech to Text, AI, Media Analysis, …). 

It’s all clear! The programmable aspect of our solutions allows you to innovate, to differentiate yourself, and to conquer new markets. Telecommunications are beginning their transformation. So if you want to know everything about CPaas and programmable communication, it’s here.

Wazo is the best approach to build your long-term value! Feel free to reach out.

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