Our mission

Unleash the innovative capabilities of the communication industry with state-of-the-art UCaaS & CPaaS enablement solutions.

Enterprises, ISVs and telecom operators are seeking new ways to differentiate their offers and build new communication solutions. That's where we can help.

Sylvain Boily, Co-founder & CEO

Today, customers face the dilemma to choose between either legacy solutions that do not promote flexibility and interoperability outside their own ecosystems ; or innovative cloud solutions that deliver the sought-after agility but add constraints to the quality of service, the control over the technology and the economic equation. In other words, customers have to make a choice between control and innovation.

Wazo aims to offer the best of both worlds, innovation and control, for UCaaS & CPaaS enablement, the open source way.

Wazo Open Platform

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Built by Asterisk & Kamailio experts.

Open & Hybrid Communication Platform

Open by philosophy

We are deeply committed to Open Source. Our solutions are built with the most reliable and standard open technologies. This translates into an exceptional product quality and robustness that you can easily interconnect with any third party application.

Hybrid by design

Hybrid infrastructure deployment ensures flexibility, control and safety. Deploy according to your needs! We offer you the best of both worlds, integrating cloud and on-premise communications into one system for your mission-critical and core business activities.

UCaaS & CPaaS solutions that ensure complete control. Unified Communication. Programmable Communication

Programmable for freedom

Programmable technology enables innovation, agility and scalability. Let your developers’ community express its creativity and build differentiated communication solutions. Create the solution your business needs, not the one vendors want you to buy.

Let's unleash the innovative capabilities of the communication industry!