Business communication, the way it should be

All in one unified communication applications including voice over IP, video, chat, presence and a lot more.

Wazo UCaaS CPaaS Enterprise Unified Communication Programmable Communication IP phone system

Enable new business communication use cases

Tools which adapt to the way you work, not the opposite.

voice over ip VoiP unified communication UC UCaaS

Voice over IP

Bring greater flexibility and efficiency to your business with a VoIP based communication system.

Remote Work

Work from home in the same conditions as you do at the office. All your communication tools integrated into a single system.


A communication system to extend your office wherever you go. Leverage your business phone from any location, on any device.


Easily connect with your co-workers on multiple channels. Leverage voice, video & messaging to increase your team productivity.

Customer Relationship​

Customer experience is key. Help your agents be more productive and pertinent. Seamlessly integrate your communication into your business applications.

Your unified communication application suite

Beautiful and intuitive applications that will change the way you work.

Browser Extension

Wazo Mobile unified communication applications

Mobile Apps

Web & Desktop Apps

Unified communication features that make the difference

More than 50 unified communication features that will support the growth of your business and teams. Use our apps in softphone or CTI mode to control all your lines. 

Click to call

Don't waste your energy in typing phone numbers from websites. Save your precious time with our chrome extension.

Call flip

Never interrupt a call anymore. Seamlessly switch it live from your different devices. No one will ever notice it.

CRM integration

Integrate your business tools into your communication. Automatically get all your caller datas from your CRM.

Contact integration

Managing internal contacts can be a pain. Easily integrate any directory. Get all your AD, Microsoft 365 & Google contacts.

Chat messaging

Because voice is not the channel adapted to all your communications. Improve your teams productivity with chat messaging.

Audio & Video Conferencing

Simplify the way you engage with your colleagues and customers. An audio & video conferencing system that just works.

Fax to mail

Yes, fax is still something. Use our apps to send in one clic your fax in PDF. Get your fax directly into your mailbox.


Avoid interrupting your colleague in a meeting. Avoid dead end call transfer. Know what your co-workers are up to.

Contact center

Manage your agents, waiting lines and skills routing. Ensure a smooth experience to your customers.


Your switchboard operators are usually the first point of contact of your prospects. Make sure they get the right tool.

Phone provisioning

Wazo supports a wide range of phones and headsets. No massive investments needed, leverage your existing ones.

Business workflows

You want to integrate communication into your business workflows ? Automate some tasks ? Use our large catalogue of APIs.

What are you waiting for ?

Leverage voice over IP & unified communication across your business.

Cost effective voice over ip VoIP unified communication

Cost effective

Open source & Voice over IP. Is there a better match to get the perfect deal for your communication system ?

Integrated all in one voice over IP unified communication UC


A truly unified solution. All your tools, devices, channels and users integrated into one single communication system.

productivity voice over ip VoIP unified communication UC


Your team needs the best communication and collaboration tools. Easily accessible and intuitive, that simple.


Unified communication enables agility in your business. Adapt your system to the growth of your organization and your use cases.

Your communication transformation start here.