Why choose a hybrid solution?

The success of Wazo’s mission revolves around three main pillars: an open, hybrid, and programmable approach. Let’s find out what we mean by hybrid and what benefits can you expect.

A hybrid solution?

At Wazo, we appreciate freedom. 

We wish to be an agent of your transformation. We want to support you in the creation of tomorrow’s communication solutions and experiences. And we are convinced that only hybrid solutions can enable us to achieve this goal.  

So what do we mean by hybrid? For us, it has two main characteristics, the first technological, the second business. 

First, from a technological point of view. The hybrid approach is the opportunity to deploy our solutions in any infrastructure (private, public or both) and environment (physical, virtual, container). Thus, it is possible to adapt to all existing operational constraints, whether they are related to security, quality of service, or economic considerations. 

Then, from a business standpoint. The hybrid approach enables you to transform your business at your own pace, adapting to your internal challenges and needs. Our Enterprise Unified Communication solution, for example, allows you to address on-premise deployments while building the foundation for a transition to the Cloud and UCaaS

We are offering our solutions “As A Product”, as opposed to Cloud distribution model “As A Service”. 

So, what does it bring to my business? 

The hybrid nature of the solution offers you the following key benefits: 

  • Control: Deployable in any environment, our solutions offer complete technological control. They can thus be operated in compliance with the constraints imposed by your use cases, your business, or your IT department. Moreover, it allows you to fine-tune the solution to perfectly match your needs.
  • Flexibility: Based on its hybrid architecture and its micro-service oriented approach our solutions offer you maximum flexibility. You remain in full control of your architecture. You can thus deploy your services as close as possible to your users, allocate the resources adapted to the use cases implemented, and make it scale, indefinitely. 
  • Scalability: Thanks to the complete mastery of our solutions, you are free to design your value proposition and operational model. They can evolve over time. You have the opportunity to adapt to the needs of your customers and to offer them a relevant answer, without being dogmatic. 
  • Security: Deployable in private environments, our solutions can be operated behind your firewalls and security devices. In addition, they include various security components, such as SBC, to protect your communication deployment against potential malicious attacks.

In addition, our hybrid solutions deliver the flexibility to deploy and manage technology for mission-critical environments. They can meet your security and reliability constraints where communication is your core business. 

Wazo unleashes the world of communications by offering you flexibility and innovation without compromising on control. So if you want to discuss hybrid deployment, feel free to reach out.

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