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Take control over your business communications. The programmable way.

Value Proposition

Unleash your potential

Boost your innovation capabilities. Build sustainable business value. Keep control over your stack.


Innovative and differentiated experiences for your teams and customers. Build unmatched market value.


Advanced communication features into Apps. Augment your communication value with 3rd party integrations.


Solutions that leverage the infrastructure of your choice. Maximize your control and your quality of services.

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Our Approach

Open & Hybrid
Programmable Communication Platform

Build With Trust


We are deeply committed to Open Source. Our solutions are built with the most reliable and standard open technologies. This translates into an exceptional product quality and robustness that you can easily interconnect with any third party application.

Leverage Your Assets


Hybrid infrastructure deployment ensures flexibility, control and safety. Deploy according to your needs! We offer you the best of both worlds, integrating both cloud and on-premise communications into one system for your mission-critical and core business activities.

Build Your Own Value


Programmable technology enables innovation, agility and scalability. Let your developers’ community express its creativity and build differentiated communication solutions. Create the solution your business needs, not the one vendors want you to buy.

Our Solutions

We have an answer to your business needs!

Wazo Programmable Communication Platform

Get started with our full-featured programmable communication platform to help your development team build new distinctive solutions, create innovative customer experience and integrate communication workflows in any App.

Wazo Unified Communication Platform

Get instant access to the market with our turnkey Unified Communication solution and start developing your business that you can easily augment over time, from hybrid deployment to a full UCaaS platform.

Let’s Start Building with Wazo.