Wazo’s three technological pillars

technological pillars

Communication and its new uses, collaboration, mobility, and customer experience are for you, as for us, essential to the development of your organization. 

But like many, when it comes to meeting these challenges, you may be faced with the following dilemma:

  • Choice #1: Moving towards legacy solutions that are deployable within your infrastructure for complete control. However lacking innovation, flexibility, and openness with other solutions.
  • Choice #2: Choosing an innovative Cloud provider that offers the agility you are looking for. But it adds constraints related to the quality of service, the control of technology, and the economic equation.

In other words, you have to make a choice between control and innovation.

At Wazo, we want to offer you the best of both worlds, innovation and control, in order to capture the full potential of UCaaS & CPaaS.

You may be wondering how we do that? How will this help unleash your innovation capabilities? How will it allow you to keep control of your technology stack and your business? The answer is simple. By relying on three technological pillars: an open, hybrid, and programmable approach.

Our technological pillars at the service of your needs

Our technological pillars are the foundations of all our solutions. 

Thus, they facilitate your access to the communication features and services your business needs. They aim to contribute to your productivity, transformation, differentiation, and innovation. And this, without any compromise on the control of your stack!

Our communication solutions are designed to address your different needs. Whether you are a service provider looking to conquer the opportunity offered by UCaaS. A company looking for internal tools that facilitate collaboration and deliver new uses to your employees. An App developer looking to enrich the experience of its products with new communication features. Or a call center looking for performance and customer satisfaction. We have a solution for you!

Ensure the success of your business.  

Our technological pillars are the foundations of our product Enterprise Unified Communication.

  • Open solutions. We rely on an open-source development model and the use of technological standards. We are convinced that this is the best way to offer you flexibility, transparency, and freedom in your use of our technologies. Discover more.
  • Hybrid solutions. We propose a hybrid deployment model. This means that you can deploy your communication solutions in the infrastructure of your choice. Hence, this gives you the flexibility to adapt your deployments to your most critical challenges and constraints. Discover more.
  • Programmable solutions. All our solutions are fully controllable through APIs and event management tools (WebHook & WebSocket). We are convinced that this API-centric approach will increase your innovation capabilities. You are thus free to integrate and automate your existing services and to build tomorrow’s communications solutions and experiences. Discover more.

Thanks to these technological pillars, Wazo unleashes the world of communications by offering you flexibility and innovation, without compromising on control. 

If you want to know more about our solutions and want to discuss your challenges, feel free to reach out to us.

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