Improve your safety features by anonymising all parties private phone numbers.

During the last few years, the world have witness the emergence of new business economic models. It has become pretty common for people to buy goods or services to somebody else through an intermediation platform.

Unfortunately, there are still many cases of inapropriate and unwanted contacts reported by users of such platform accross the world.

Whether you are the buyer or the seller, you do not want the other party to be able to keep your private phone number when the deal is closed. And as a platform, you want the best possible experience for your users.

To ensure the safety and tranquility of mind, some of the most known platforms have deploy a masked phone numbers feature. Meaning they will ensure that your personnal contact details are protected during every digital interaction. That way, post-deal unwanted contacts never happen.

How does it work ?

If you do not have access to contact details, how does a party reach the other one ?

The most common way, is to deploy a communication platform like Wazo Enterprise Programmable Communication.

In this scenario its role is to reach each party separately and bridge them together.

What is the impact on the user experience ?

If you run an intermediation service, it’s still common to display phone numbers in your interface for parties to reach each others.

The switch would consist to display, instead of this information, a contact button triggering an API to establish a call between the parties.

For the user, the ease of use remains the same. He clicks, receives an incoming call, picks it up and wait for the other parties to be bridged in.

Depending on its carrier subscription, he could benefit of the gratuity of an incoming call instead of the former outgoing call.

How do I deploy this feature ?

Wazo Enterprise Programmable Communication provides all the APIs to build such a use case and many other telecom scenarios using your own infrastructure. That way, you will keeps full control of your telco features.

With the free visual builder Node-Red, you could build your own flow answering your business needs in a couple of clicks. This is the tools we are using in the next paragraphs.

Lets discover how to build a masked phone number feature with this example :

You are a Ride-Hailing company that want to ensure the privacy of both riders and drivers.

Here is the workflow we are going to deploy :

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