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An IVR system built for YOUR needs

Interactive Voice Response is probably the most common technology deployed in the voice world. So what could we have more to say about it ? Let’s see how programmable communication can increase IVR value.

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CPaaS programmable communications

What are CPaaS and programmable communications?

Among the many acronyms used in the IT industry and more specifically in the software world, you have probably already heard of CPaaS, for Communication Platform As A Service. But what is CPaaS? What does it cover? And how can we take full advantage of programmable communications?

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communication programmable CPaaS

Communications programmables et CPaaS, mode d’emploi

Parmi les nombreux acronymes employés dans l’industrie informatique et plus particulièrement dans le monde du logiciel, vous avez certainement déjà entendu parler du CPaaS (“Communication Platform As A Service”) et des communications programmables. Mais qu’est-ce donc que le CPaaS ? Que cela couvre t’il ? Et comment en tirer pleinement avantage ?

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Voice alerting made simple

Discover how to easily build voice alerting

Are you looking up to increase user experience with smart notifications? Ever thought of synchronous channels perks like voice? Using “Voice Alerting” guarantees the notification you just sent had the attention it deserved. It enables quick escalation, immediate acknowledgement and real-time statistics.

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