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people using ip telephony

5 Ways Wazo Is Better for MSPs Than White-Label VoIP

As more MSPs (managed service providers) scramble to sell VoIP and cloud-based phone systems, many have turned to white-label VoIP services. White-label VoIP service is often easy to implement and customize for branding. However, using a white-label VoIP solution for your hosted VoIP service can

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How can ucaas apis improve customer experiences

How Can UCaaS APIs Improve Customer Experiences?

As more business leaders focus on delighting customers, they’re setting their sights on unified communications. Market researchers predict that 70% of businesses will use UCaaS solutions by 2023,1 so it’s clear that interest in flexible, cloud-based communications isn’t going away any time soon. However, increased

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Open source API's

3 Benefits of Using Open API for UCaaS

Today’s MSP customers want a UCaaS platform that can do it all. Unfortunately, building an innovative, modern solution can be tricky for MSPs, especially those who lack the in-house expertise or resources needed to develop a new platform from scratch. And off-the-shelf solutions aren’t ideal

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An IVR system built for YOUR needs

Interactive Voice Response is probably the most common technology deployed in the voice world. So what could we have more to say about it ? Let’s see how programmable communication can increase IVR value.

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remote work teleworking

Remote Work: How to address this new standard?

The organization of work as we knew it before the Covid-19 outbreak is gone. By forcing companies to switch to remote work and adopt new digital and collaborative tools, this crisis has dramatically changed the way we communicate, work, and collaborate. If WFH (Work from

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CPaaS programmable communications

What are CPaaS and programmable communications?

Among the many acronyms used in the IT industry and more specifically in the software world, you have probably already heard of CPaaS, for Communication Platform As A Service. But what is CPaaS? What does it cover? And how can we take full advantage of programmable communications?

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