Create unique customer experience.

A single system to manage your internal and external communications.

Happy customers. Performing agents.

Modernize the way you manage your inbound calls.


One chance to make a good first impression

The first impression is so important! You need the right tools to make it unique. Our full-featured switchboard is accessible anywhere, from any computer. 


Your customers do not deserve to wait

Our smart routing and IVR capabilities help you improve your first contact resolution and avoid useless interactions. More productivity for your agents and a better customer experience, what else?  


Take control over your customer satisfaction

Always keep an eye on your support center KPIs. You get all the performance metrics to ensure your customer happiness and to improve your agent productivity.


Increase the value of each communication

Our solution is programmable from the ground up. Wazo APIs helps you build the most innovative workflows, integrations and services to impress your customers. 


A single solution to handle your internal and external communications.

Improve your customer experience

A powerful and evolutive solution to deliver a unique experience. Our tools help you maximize your first contact resolution to build customer loyalty.

Keep control over your costs

Call center solutions are expensive. Not our own. We bring the most relevant features to help SMBs manage their inbound calls like any big player.


A single solution to efficiently manage your internal and external communications. Your agents remain always in touch with all your teams and quickly get the information they need.

Increase your productivity

Each interaction costs you money. You can know provide to your agents the tools and informations that will make them happy and productive.

Frictionless inbound call management.

Features that make each interaction unique.

Support center features that will create the customer experience that your business needs to grow. 

Agent Management

Build your inbound contact center and manage your agents as any other users of your IP phone system.

Switchboard & receptionist

Receptionist are the front door to your business. Wazo dedicated switchboard application ensures that it's well handled.


Set up a queue to not loose any incoming call. Distribute it to your agents when they are available.

Skills-based call routing

Make sure that your callers is routed to the right agents. Easily categorized your agents based on relevant business criteria.

Interactive voice response - IVR

Create a great user experience by setting up an automated interaction with callers to route them to the right team.


Always keep an eye on your agents and customers KPI to make sure that your support center is performing the way it should.

CRM, ERP, helpdesk integration

Use our Chrome extension to get the best of your business tools and communication system. Click to call & client info pop-up.

API, Webhook & Websocket

Customize your system with Wazo programmable capabilities. Integrate any business tools and enjoy greater efficiency.

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