wazo platform open source project

Wazo open source commitment

We wish to explain the commitment of the Wazo Team members towards the Community around the Wazo Platform open source project. These rules are not supposed to prevent any other people from building another community or products around the open source project, if they want. 

Rules toward the Wazo Platform community

1. There is no support for Wazo Platform from the Wazo Communications Inc company and its affiliates. If you want a supported product, we encourage you to discover our corporate website. Our all-in-one communication solution, Enterprise Unified Communication, includes ip telephony, unified communications, collaboration and support center features. 

2. Our goal is to discuss with contributors who are keen to strengthen the robustness of Wazo Platform, identify new use cases and to add features to it.

3. Wazo team members express their own opinion in the Wazo Platform open source project and that is not considered engagement of any sort from the Wazo Communications Inc company and its affiliates.

4. No SLA is provided on the ability to reply and there is no commitment to results. Community support will be provided on a best effort approach in our forum, Mattermost channel and Jira bug tracker.

5. Wazo Platform users are not entitled to use the Wazo Company logo – only the Wazo Platform logo – , except if you are a Wazo Company partner.