IP phone for agile organizations.

All your enterprise IPBX features accessible through desktop phones and softphones.

Enter the VoIP era.

Modernize your organization. Leverage all the IP telephony benefits.

Increase your agility

IP based communication system brings you flexibility and simplicity in your day-to-day operation. Your solution will seamlessly grow with your organization.

Virtualize your workspace

Leverage our WebRTC softphone to free your team from their desktop phones. They will increase their mobility and productivity. You will enjoy greater flexibility.

Maximize your ROI

VoIP helps you reduce your communication expenses. You can call your international team for free and easily optimize your telecom operator invoice.

Wondering what VoIP, IPBX and IP telephony means ?

No worries. We got your covered.

An IPBX available from all your devices.

Features that make a difference.

Enterprise IP phone system features to support the growth of your business.


Leverage your desktop phones. Use our apps in softphone or CTI mode to control all your lines. 

Executive assistant delegation

Create a smooth workflow and ring strategy between managers and their executive assistants

Audio conferencing

Create your dedicated conference rooms to simplify the way you engage with your team and customers. Always a way to connect.

Call history

Quickly identify people you have been interacting with. Call them back whenever you want, in one click.

Call recording

Record calls to help improve your sales process, your customer satisfaction or just for legal matters.

Business hours

Customize your phone system to your business operations. Set specific schedules to route your incoming calls accordingly

Phone provisioning

Wazo supports a wide range of phones and headsets. No massive investments needed, leverage your existing ones.

Ring groups

Route calls to teams based on criteria that make sense for your business. Your sales or french speaking teams for exemple.

Call interception

Build a real team communication experience. Make sure that all your calls are correctly handled, by you or your team.

Interactive voice response

Create a great user experience by setting up an automated interaction with callers to route them to the right team.

Voicemail 2.0

Wazo voicemail system helps you save time. Access it from your deskphone, your softphone or directly in your inbox.

Virtual fax system

Let's not bury fax. Wazo offers a modern fax experience, without papers. Send it in PDF, receive it in your inbox.

Need some desktop and conference phones ?

Reuse your existing ones. Leverage our rich ecosystem. We support the leading providers. 

Flexible & evolutive IP telephony.

Our all-in-one solution grow with your business. 

Switch in one click from an IP telephony system to a complete unified communication solution. 

Enjoy greater team productivity and collaboration with messaging and videoconferencing capabilities. No need to change everything.

Ready to take advantage of IP telephony ?