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Discover every feature that makes Wazo communication platform so powerful for your business.

Enterprise IP phone system

Mobility & Remote work

Team collaboration

Customer Relationship

Business integration

Administration & productivity

Mobility & Remote work

Mobility remote work

Extend your office and bring your enterprise IP phone system anywhere.

Business phone app

iOS & Android phone applications that will help you bring your enterprise phone system anywhere you go.

WebRTC softphone

Our desktop & web applications include WebRTC capabilities. You can freely enjoy web based communication.

Push notification services

Wazo has built its own powerful push notification service to ensure that you will never miss a call. It's way too important.

Chrome Extension

Click on phone numbers within your Chrome browser as never been easier. Dial numbers directly from your Wazo plugin.

Call back GSM

An issue with your data connection? No problem we got you covered. Your phone system will call you back on your GSM.

Call flip

Never interrupt a call anymore. Seamlessly flip it live from your different devices. No one will ever notice it. It's like magic.

Call routing & fallback

Not available on your business applications or desk phone? Let's fallback on a colleague or personal phone number.

Simultaneous ring

Never miss a call, it's a potential customer. Answer your call from any of your applications or desk phone.


A communication system for the collaboration era with distributed teams. 

IP chat messaging

Wazo allows your team to easily communicate with instant chat messaging, in a single unified system.

Video conferencing

Help your team stay in touch with Wazo fully integrated video conferencing system. No need to multiply tools.


Probably the most widely used collaboration feature for internal and customer presentation.

Audio conferencing

Create your dedicated conference rooms to simplify internal and external collaboration. Always a way to connect.

Custom status & presence

Don't bother your teammate while they are in an important meeting or just busy. Stay up to date on their activities.

Do not disturb - DND

Either, you want to focus on a complex task or a customer, we will make sure that your phone system won't interrupt you.

Customer relationship

customer relationship

An IP phone system that is more than just an internal communication tool.

Agent Management

Build your inbound contact center and manage your agents as any other users of your IP phone system.

Switchboard & receptionist

Receptionist are the front door to your business. Wazo dedicated switchboard application ensures that it's well handled.


Set up a queue to not loose any incoming call. Distribute it to your agents when they are available.

Skills-based call routing

Make sure that your callers is routed to the right agents. Easily categorized your agents based on relevant business criteria.

Interactive voice response - IVR

Create a great user experience by setting up an automated interaction with callers to route them to the right team.

Business integration

business integration

Build a better customer experience and increase user productivity. 

Contact synchronisation

One-click integration with your Google Contacts & Microsoft 365 directory. All your contacts in your business phone system.

CRM, ERP & helpdesk integration

Use our Chrome extension to get the best of your business tools and communication system. Click to call & client info pop-up.

APIs, webhooks & websockets

Customize your system with Wazo programmable capabilities. Integrate any business tools and enjoy greater efficiency.

Enterprise IP phone system

IP phone system

Every IPBX features your business needs to smoothly operate. 


Enjoy high call quality with our first-class Voice over IP codecs that make every call crystal clear. You will be amazed!

Bring your own devices

Desk phones aren't dead! Wazo offers a modern unified communication solution that integrates all your legacy phones.

Call journals

Quickly identify people you have been interacting with. Call them back whenever your want, in one click.

Executive assistant delegation

Create a smooth workflow and ring strategy between managers and their executive assistants.

Company & personal directory

Wazo helps your team stay connected by easily accessing all your company employees information, from any device.

Call interception

Build a real team communication experience. Make sure that all your calls are correctly handled, by you or your team.

Ring groups

Route calls to teams based on criteria that makes sense for your business. Your sales or french speaking teams for exemple.

Call recording

Record calls from your applications to help improve your sales process, your customer support or just for legal matters.

Call transfer

Easily transfer a call to another colleague. You can also use warm transfer to stay in the call until successfully transferred.

Pause/resume calls

Advanced call control for your business. Muting a call is not always the solution, put it on hold with a dedicated music.

Voicemail 2.0

Wazo voicemail system helps you save time. Access it from your phone, your apps or directly in your inbox.

Virtual fax system

Let's not bury fax. Wazo creates a modern fax experience, without papers. Send it in PDF, receive it in your mailbox.

Business hours

Customize your phone system to your business operations. Set specific schedules to route your incoming calls accordingly.


Create short four-digits extensions for your team to help quickly dial internal numbers and ease collaboration.

Caller ID

Choose the caller ID you want to display and create the customer experience you want.


Make one way announcements from your desk phones or applications to one or multiple users.

Call park

Park incoming calls in one click and pass along the location to another team or colleague.

Administration & productivity features


Simplicity, efficiency & control to build value for your business and users. 

Web management portal

Wazo helps you easily manage all your IPBX deployments from a centralized cloud management tool.

Customer & user management

Just a few clicks to get your customers and users ready to go. Wazo makes life easy for your IT administrators.

One-click hybrid deployment

Seamlessly deploy your communication solution in private & public infrastructures. Speed & control, what else ?

Multi-tenant architecture

Wazo multi-tenant architecture allows you to quickly deploy your customers and reduce operational complexity.

Private & public hostname

Connect to your instances from public & private hostname. Wazo adapts to your security requirements and use cases.

Admin rights delegation

Give partial or complete system control to your customers, without revealing other users' data. Save time on simple tasks.

Reseller management

Multiply the potential of your communication business. Manage your reseller network with Portal.

Phone provisioning

It has never been easier to provision desk phones. We support the major brands to accelerate your deployments.

SIP trunk control

Bring your own carrier and keep control on your communication business. Seamlessly set up your SIP trunks.

Call details records (CDR)

Keep track of every single call that occurred on your phone system. Build analytics on your consumption.

Administration API

Looking for more productivity and automation? Use our Portal APIs to integrate it in your workflows.

Discover the IP phone system of the mobility and collaboration era.