Community Engagement

This document discloses the commitment – including  the involvement and its limitations – of the Wazo Team members towards the Community around the Wazo-platform project. These rules are not supposed to prevent any other people from building another community around the Wazo-platform, if they want.

The Rules towards the Community

  • There is no support for Wazo Platform from the Wazo Communications company. If you want a supported product, look at the products from
  • Our goal is to discuss with contributors who are keen to strengthen the robustness of the Wazo Platform and to add features to it.
  • Wazo team members express their own opinion in the Wazo Platform project and that is not considered engagement of any sort from the Wazo Communications company.
  • No warranty is provided for the ability to reply and there is no commitment to results.
  • The Wazo Platform users are not entitled to use the Wazo Company logo – only the Wazo Platform logo – , except if you are a Wazo Company partner.