5 Ways Wazo Is Better for MSPs Than White-Label VoIP

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As more MSPs (managed service providers) scramble to sell VoIP and cloud-based phone systems, many have turned to white-label VoIP services. White-label VoIP service is often easy to implement and customize for branding. However, using a white-label VoIP solution for your hosted VoIP service can leave your business dependent on the SIP provider – which could have a significant impact on customer satisfaction for the businesses you serve. 

Wazo’s low-code UCaaS platform outperforms white-label VoIP platforms for delivering the best business communication experience.

In this blog, we’ll explore how Wazo’s customizable, turnkey UCaaS solution offers MSPs more advantages than a white-label partner program.

What Is White-Label VoIP?

White-label VoIP providers give MSPs the ability to sell hosted business VoIP services under their own brand. These services often include SIP trunking, hosted PBX, and unified communications.

This VoIP provider delivers the service, but the MSP provides everything from feature management to customer support. 

A white-label VoIP platform is a popular choice among MSPs that want to offer customers a cloud-based business phone system without investing in the infrastructure needed to build their own VoIP service. And since MSPs can customize the service with branding elements like logos and colors and sell the VoIP platform at a price they choose, they can provide the service while maintaining their brand identity.

How Is Wazo’s UCaaS Platform Better Than White-Label Services?

Wazo offers both low-code and off-theshelf UCaaS solutions that MSPs can customize with flexible UCaaS APIs as needed. Unlike white-label VoIP services, Wazo lets you truly take control of your platform.

Our APIs and integrations make building a solution that meets your customers’ unique needs easy. Here are a few ways selling our platform is a better choice than acting as a white-label VoIP reseller:

1. More Flexibility

Unlike most white-label VoIP solutions, you don’t have to rely on third-party service providers to change your offering with Wazo. Instead, you can customize your platform to address changing customer needs without any high-level coding expertise.

2. Product Differentiation

While white-label VoIP products let you customize under your own brand, it’s still the same solution every other MSP sells at the end of the day. Our API-first approach lets you offer innovative, unique UCaaS experiences that set you apart from the competition and improve customer retention.

Customize your ucaas offering to meet changing customer needs. white label voip.

3. High Reliability

With white-label VoIP services, your cloud-based offering is only as good as your business VoIP provider’s network. If they experience an outage, your customers will likely place the blame on you – not them. 

Our unified communications solution is built on a mature, reliable platform, so you can rest easy knowing your offering will stay up and running.

4. Customer Support

With Wazo, we work directly with MSPs to offer best-in-class services to your end customers – so your positive reputation stays intact.  

5. Better Security

Offering new solutions doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice security. Our communication platform adapts to your existing infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about changing your security strategy.

White label voip - new solution don't mean sacrificing security.

Get Started With a Communication Platform That Outperforms White-Label VoIP

While both white-label VoIP solutions and low-code UCaaS platforms can be customizable, Wazo offers more flexibility, reliability, and security when it comes to integrating with other services. MSPs looking to offer basic communication features without much customization may be fine with a white-label VoIP solution.

However, Wazo is the way to go if you want to provide your customers with a unique, innovative cloud-based business communication solution. Our customizable UCaaS platform lets you create the solutions with all the tools your customers need without compromising on quality.

We give you the power to take control of your data, infrastructure, customers, and offerings with flexible integrations and APIs.

Contact Wazo today to learn how you can offer a better UCaaS solution than white-label VoIP to your customers.

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