Our mission is to unleash the innovative capabilities of the communication industry with state-of-the-art UCaaS and CPaaS solutions. 

Our Ambition

Bring the missing piece to the board

Entreprises, ISVs and telecom operators are more and more in search of ways to differentiate their offers and to build new communication solutions. Today, they face the dilemma to choose between either legacy “dusty” solutions that do not promote flexibility and interoperability outside their own ecosystems, or innovative cloud solutions that deliver the sought-after agility but add constraints to the quality of service, to the control over the technology roadmap and to the economic equation. In other words, customers have to make a choice between control and innovation.

Our Play

This is where we can help


As a UC solution software vendor, Wazo offers a state-of-the-art communication platform, fully programmable and deployable on any type of infrastructure. This new approach on the market allows to grasp the best of both worlds, control and flexibility.

Our Team

A unique combination of expertise

Wazo’s team is composed of a unique mix of experts coming from the worlds of both telecommunications and infrastructure management. This translates into an extensive experience in the critical deployment of next-generation technologies in complex environments.

Let’s change the communication space together